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Marketing 101

If smart marketing isn’t just about logos, what is it about?

We hear horror stories every week from customers about how their (former) branded-merchandising partner conducted business.

Horror story #1
Here’s how it works. You’ve got a project coming up, so you call your branded-merchandise vendor. She shows you the same dusty, dog-eared catalogs you’ve seen a hundred times.

We’ve carefully cultivated relationships with some of the world’s top artisans and craftspeople, the result being that we often have exclusive access to some of the most amazing products you’ll ever see. And even in cases where exclusivity isn’t possible, we often have first access — meaning you’ll get cutting-edge products and art pieces from Gifts By Design long before other vendors have them, if they ever have them at all. So, when you need to give a gift your recipients haven’t seen already, we’re the folks to call.

Horror story #2
You’ve got another project in the pipeline (my, you have a lot of projects!). Your vendor isn’t much interested in who your recipient is, what they’ve received in the past, what the political sensitivities are, or how this project fits in to a larger strategic picture. Instead, she jumps to tactics, and starts suggesting items you can slap your logo on.

Talk to one of our clients, and you’ll quickly realize that we do a lot more than slap logos onto trinkets. We seek to understand your corporate culture to a level that allows us to add a high degree of insight to your merchandise programs. This results in gifts and incentives that are uniquely tailored to the recipients and even themes.

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