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What does a corporate gift cost?

Done right, a corporate gift program is a beautiful thing to behold.  After all, what other marketing tool has the potential to strengthen your bond with existing customers, reach out to new potential customers, increase brand awareness, make employees more productive, drive people to your trade show booth, thank key clients, and a hundred other potential benefits?  But done wrong, branded merchandise can be ineffective, confusing, wasted money, or even just plain inappropriate.  Sow how can you make certain your next gift or promotion is done right?

We do everything but move into your office.   Talk to any one of our clients, and you’ll quickly realize that we do a lot more than supply trinkets.  We seek to understand your corporate culture to a level that allows us to add a high degree of insight to your merchandise programs.  This results in merchandise that is uniquely tailored to the recipients and event themes.  You can’t do that when you view a project as an isolated event.  To us, it’s one moment in a long-term relationship that pays dividends to you over and over.

Create an uproar.   Most branded merchandise companies troll the same pool of vendors for ideas.  But for those times when you want something more innovative and creative, very few companies have our resources.  We’ve developed special relationships with many of the finest artisans and manufacturers in the world, and often call upon them to make custom products for our clients, so you can count on items that are distinctive and appreciated.

Obsessive, so you don’t have to be.   The difference between Nordstrom and its competitors is not that they’re perfect one hundred percent of the time.  It’s that in striving for perfection, they often end up with customers for life.  There’s a lesson there, and we’ve learned it.  On those rare occasions when an outcome is less than perfect, you won’t see us pointing fingers or backpedaling.  Instead, we’ll do everything in our power to turn you into a lifelong customer.

The truth is, our client relationships have lasted many, many years — in many cases outlasting even the people who hired us originally.  And we’re often handed down from one employee to another like a trusted secret.

See what we mean?  Choosing a marketing merchandise partner is important. So important that your decision can actually impact your company’s stock price.  

So, what’s a corporate gift worth?  Possibly everything.